About JobsInSportsCom

JobsInSportsWith an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, JobsInSports.com connects talented job seekers to some of the most desirable roles in the worlds of sports and entertainment. Founded in 1998, JobsInSports.com was among the first websites specifically created for individuals who are chasing internships, contracts, and full-time positions in the sports industry.

The service, indeed, covers all the bases in the field of sports, from front-office opportunities to positions at major broadcast networks and sports agencies. In addition, JobsInSports.com frequently lists jobs such as positions at equipment manufacturers, local stadiums, and retail outlets, which ensures an even greater breadth of offerings for members.

With one of the largest databases of sports positions available online and a widespread reputation for having the most up-to-date listings, JobsInSports.com holds pride of place among other sports classifieds websites. Typically, JobsInSports.com lists in excess of 4,000 jobs and 1,000 internships from more than 5,000 employers, a strong testament to the company’s enduring value to job seekers.

JobsInSports.com also offers services such as direct recommendation to prospective employers. In a national study of sports employers, 93 percent of those surveyed noted that they would be “likely” or “far more likely” to hire members of JobsInSports.com, with an additional 89 percent seeing internally recommended members as “prequalified” for a given position. Additional information on the numerous membership benefits of JobsInSports.com is available through the company website.