What Does Sports Law Involve?

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Sports law is not a specific area of legal practice in the way tax law is. Rather, attorneys who practice sports law typically focus on some part of the massive sports industry and must have knowledge of several areas of legal practice. Depending on the level of sports (amateur, professional, or international), a sports lawyer might be required to work with:

-Federal funding and compliance laws. Title IX laws require equal gender access to athletic programs that receive federal dollars.
-Drug testing laws and compliance. Understanding how to handle evidence in trials or settlements that involve banned substances could be part of a sports lawyer’s work.
-Contracts. Contracts between players and owners, between teams and contractors, and between cities and teams, among others, have a huge impact on the viability of a sports franchise.
Anti-trust laws. Major league sports must navigate the tricky waters of anti-trust legislation, and sports lawyers are often behind the court cases that rule whether or not a league’s policies are valid.

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