What Does Sports Law Involve?

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Sports law is not a specific area of legal practice in the way tax law is. Rather, attorneys who practice sports law typically focus on some part of the massive sports industry and must have knowledge of several areas of legal practice. Depending on the level of sports (amateur, professional, or international), a sports lawyer might be required to work with:

-Federal funding and compliance laws. Title IX laws require equal gender access to athletic programs that receive federal dollars.
-Drug testing laws and compliance. Understanding how to handle evidence in trials or settlements that involve banned substances could be part of a sports lawyer’s work.
-Contracts. Contracts between players and owners, between teams and contractors, and between cities and teams, among others, have a huge impact on the viability of a sports franchise.
Anti-trust laws. Major league sports must navigate the tricky waters of anti-trust legislation, and sports lawyers are often behind the court cases that rule whether or not a league’s policies are valid.

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The Evolution of the Job Hunt, Presented by JobsInSports.com

For most of the 19th and early 20th century, job hunting was virtually unheard of. Instead of seeking new careers, most people stayed with the line of work into which they were born, whether that was factory assembly or farming. After World War II, however, white-collar jobs in the U.S. boomed. For the first time, large numbers of people created paper résumés, which they presented in person or mailed to potential employers.

This state of affairs lasted until about the early 1980s, when use of the fax machine skyrocketed. While the speed of applying for jobs greatly picked up, most people still relied on newspaper want ads to discover job openings.

With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, the employment landscape shifted again. Online job boards (including JobsInSports.com) provided job seekers with instant access to thousands of open positions, and email technology meant they could send their credentials in seconds. Today, online applications are the norm, and many job seekers boast online portfolios, personal websites, and even video résumés to accompany their applications.

About JobsInSports.com: In 1998, JobsInSports.com provided, for the first time, a single destination for individuals seeking careers in sports. Today, JobsInSports.com remains the leader in its field, thanks in part to its ongoing database of more than 7,000 jobs.

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Strategies for Landing a Great Internship in Sports Presented by JobsInSports.com

Securing an internship in the sports world is, for many, the first step in a long and satisfying career. Individuals seeking sports-related internships can improve their odds of landing one by implementing these techniques.

1. Start early. Many sports teams set up internships far in advance of the season’s start. This means potential interns should start looking at opportunities as early as possible to know what is out there and what the application requirements are.

2. Research your heroes. Biographies and autobiographies about sports professionals often offer stories about how industry greats got their start—and got ahead. These can provide valuable lessons for industry newcomers.

3. Spread your net wide. Look in the right places (including on job sites like JobsInSports.com) and take what you can get. Even if it is not a dream position, it will likely provide valuable experience.

4. Build your network. This means befriending anyone you can in the course of your work, doing a great job, and generally establishing yourself as part of the sports community. Eventually, this can lead to more internships and jobs.

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JobsInSports.com provides unparalleled access to full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities in sports. From marketing professors, JobsInSports.com has earned praise for its relevance to internship seekers. From happily placed interns, JobsInSports.com regularly receives thanks.

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Tips for Online Job Seekers

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Online career boards put thousands of opportunities at the fingertips of job seekers. While that wealth of available positions can be encouraging, it can also be overwhelming. To yield the best results from an online job search, keep these strategies in mind:

1. Narrow your search. Rather than focusing on general-purpose job boards, consider starting on industry-specific sites, such as JobsInSports.com. This single step allows you to bypass a lot of the “noise” of online job seeking, making your work much easier.
2. Set yourself apart. Distinguish yourself to potential employers by following all protocol, providing all requested materials, and composing a cover letter that captures your unique voice.
3. Keep your information simple and direct. Avoid tangents—while they may be “attention-getting,” they have the potential to distract or annoy busy human resources directors who need to plow through piles of application materials.
4. Proofread. A single mistake in application materials can lead to disqualification. Reread documents as often as necessary to ensure they are error-free.

About JobsInSports.com: Since 1998, JobsInSports.com has provided a dedicated online destination for job seekers interested in working in the sports sector. JobsInSports.com stays at the helm of its industry by continually updating its job postings and providing unique services that keep both job posters and job seekers satisfied.

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Careers in Sports Public Relations: The Value of Different Types of Internships, Presented by JobsInSports.com

While it is widely known that internships are a necessary part of landing your first job in the sports industry, many new graduates are at a loss as to how to get an internship. Depending on your aspirations and talents, there are some niches in the industry that will help propel your career more efficiently than others.

If you aspire to work in hockey or baseball, the best place to find an internship is with local minor leagues. Any local team fits into this category. Since local teams tend to be smaller, you are likely to gain more hands-on experience and have more responsibilities than you would interning for the big leagues.

If you are interested in a sports media career, the best place to intern is with sports magazines or radio stations. A public relations internship with either of these will provide you with a good foundation in the media industry.

*If you possess a talent for networking, you can try to land an internship with a professional teams or league. In this case, your most powerful asset will be the fact that you are surrounded by sports industry leaders on a regular basis.

About JobsInSports.com: Offering free memberships to job seekers and employers alike, JobsInSports.com stands as one of the most trusted job search engines catering to the sports industry.

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